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Sustainable Salon Program

Why should you participate in a program to become a sustainable hairdresser? Because the present business model is quickly destroying our planet. Through your job, you, too, can make the difference: be part of the change along with us.


Make your salon a small sustainable entity, determined to make everyday work a tool for the good of the community you operate in and of the planet.


Through the Sustainable Salon Program, you will be provided with tools to assess your sustainability level (Sustainability Test) and to certify it (Assessment). Furthermore, you will be able to attend a training course on sustainability (Master Course), which will help you understand how you can increase your positive impact on the planet and on people, starting right from your salon.

Our goals and how we intend to achieve them

Every day we try to do our best to turn our work into a force for the good of the planet and of the people inhabiting it.
However, in order to grow, this force must be shared. Our Sustainable Salon Program has been designed to turn salons into small sustainable entities that have a positive impact and are determined to transform their work into a tool generating benefits for local communities and for the planet. The program is intended for professional hairdressers, not only for Davines ones, but it is open to all those that want to turn their salons into a positive impact entity.
First, take the sustainability test and become aware of your level, on a scale from 0 to 100
1. If your score is below 50, take time to improve and increase sustainability in your salon by monitoring your score through the test; or attend the Sustainable Master Program training course. This course will allow you to increase your level of sustainability and retry the test with greater chances of passing.
2. If your score is higher than or equal to 50, you can decide whether to start the certification procedure with the University of Parma to become a Sustainable Salon.
We cannot wait to know your sustainability level and to have you on our team working to have a positive footprint on this planet!

Thank you for being part of the change!

Together we are stronger: we want to thank you for your cooperation and your commitment to becoming a sustainable salon, with two incentives!